Thursday, June 13, 2013

One-click installations and updates for Distributors

Today we've published an update for Snippets 0.7.1 for Mac and 0.7.2 for Windows that introduces one-click updates and installations for distributors from within Distributors window. It looks like this:

As a result we don't bundle any distributor with Snippets distributive anymore.

Code variables with Snippets Expander, Global Search and Snippets Assistant

Now when you reuse snippet's code with Expander, Global search and Assistant we replace code variables with it's values. This is because it makes no sense to insert the whole variable code if editor will not recognize it as a variable. 

However, in Xcode, for example, when you paste code that has a variable in Xcode's format it will recognize it. In this case we do not replace it with its default value but with the variable that Xcode recognizes.

For example snippet with code "Hello ${Name:World}" will be inserted using mentioned earlier instruments into TextEdit or Notepad as "Hello World", but as "Hello <#World#>" into Xcode where <#World#> is a variable.

Some other small features and improvements were introduces as well. Please check out release notes for Windows and Mac clients.

Now it's time to create more distributors. So, stay tuned and happy coding!

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