Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snippets for Windows 0.6.1

We've just released a minor update for Snippets for Windows. In addition to small bug fixes this update fixes the way it works with the terminal-like apps on Windows.

The problem is that Snippets simulates pressing Ctrl+V when pastes snippets' code whether you use SnippetsAssistant (through global search or Task Bar) or SnippetsExpander. However, terminal apps on Windows do not allow to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for Copy/Paste functionality. Instead Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert should be used.

We decided to make it configurable, so you can tell Snippets which keystroke to use in particular application. There is a config file at C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Snippets\UserSettings.xml. Content of this file is fairly self-explanatory, feel free to edit this file. Relaunch of Snippets is required to apply the changes.

Thanks to Rachik Bouanani for the report and collaboration on this problem.

Check for updates and enjoy :).

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snippets 0.6 for Mac and Windows

Yesterday we released a new update of Snippets for Mac and Windows. It brings quite a few minor features, all the major changes are under the hood. It improves performance and stability of the synchronisation.

This release also switches to the new version of the sync API which was slightly changed from the previous one. If you were using the older version you should update, otherwise sync won't work.

Now that known sync issues have been fixed we are going to send invites to all who requested them. If you not received it during this day (Nov 7th) please make sure you requested one here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some clarifications about old and new Snippets

Since we announced the new project there has been a bit of misunderstanding and confusion. So, I decided to explain in more details to avoid misunderstanding in the future and answer to the questions.

At some point I realized that a single code snippets manager for a single platform is nothing in the view what it could be so that anyone can benefit. There should be something more than that. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Having both versions of Snippets installed

I forgot to mention about installing new Snippets when you are still using the old one. While it's not yet recommended to replace old Snippets with the new version you should be able to install and run both of them.

To do this you have to rename the app bundle of the old version in Applications directory. Just open Applications directory in Finder, locate Snippets, press enter and type the new name. I use "Snippets 1", you may choose whatever you want. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to the new Snippets

We've had a long and difficult year working on a new project. Now I think it's time to tell you about it and draw your attention to a new Snippets.
After two years on the market with award-winning and simply best code snippets manager — Snippets for Mac — we've got a lot of feedback from you, and I'd like to thank you all for that. Now we understand the core value of such application much better. Taken them all into consideration we've built a new Snippets and we think you'll love it.
Snippets is a set of tools and services designed for collecting, organizing, reusing and sharing of code snippets.

Taken your feedback and our experience with Snippets we've identified core value we have laid the basis of the new Snippets:
  1. Sync. It doesn't require any explanation, it must have feature of the modern app that manages any kind of data.
  2. Collaboration. Snippets is used by teams a lot. So, it's essential to share any set of snippets either privately or publicly.
  3. Integration. We should integrate with OS and Tools such as IDEs and editors so that Snippets can be used much easier.
  4. Cross platform. Macs are great, but the reality is that mac-only teams are rare and to be useful for teams we must have Snippets for Windows too.
Today we are announcing availability of Mac and Windows versions of Snippets that supports synchronization and sharing over the cloud. They doesn't have a lot of features. At this stage our intend was to implement cloud sync natively. Until he have problems with sync we will be adding a new features quite fast.

Desktop clients for Mac and Windows are free apps. Our services will be subscription based and will include free and premium accounts. We will be announcing prices and features set for the premium accounts a bit later.

It's still not ready for the public use however we are excited to announce that Snippets is opened for an invite-only registration. You can request your invitation here and we will send you on "first in first out" basis. Snippets for Mac and Windows can be downloaded here.

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