Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some clarifications about old and new Snippets

Since we announced the new project there has been a bit of misunderstanding and confusion. So, I decided to explain in more details to avoid misunderstanding in the future and answer to the questions.

At some point I realized that a single code snippets manager for a single platform is nothing in the view what it could be so that anyone can benefit. There should be something more than that. 

Early 2011 was the great time in history of Snippets for me to rethink and do this "something more than that". In my view it should be at least native apps on Mac and Windows apps that integrates with OS and development tools, Web application which runs in browser, sync and collaborative services that allows you to share snippets or groups of snippets publicly or privately in teams.

I decided that priority number one at the beginning should be the native desktop apps for Mac and Windows which can sync over the cloud natively and then adding the new features to them. Since the very beginning of Snippets the desire to create such a project has never left me. With that in mind I've started working on it.

I had about 8 years on web development and for the last two years I have been learning Cocoa programming for Mac. I thought I should be able to develop we part including sync service and Mac app. To fill the gap with Windows development I invited Andrei Lapitski who was working for the enterprise company.

One more question to consider at that time was "What to do with the current version of Snippets". It has some bottlenecks and some design issues. It uses Core Data with XML database which is slow, especially on big databases (300+ snippets) and for search (By the way, some of you have realized a difference already). It turns out that to cut Core Data from the app is a long time job. Also we should have been supported sync natively as its core. So, I decided to start Snippets for Mac from scratch.

The question that pops out now and which adds a little bit of confusion is that the old version is 1.4 and the new one is 0.5... Weird right? Well, we wanted to match Windows and Mac versions. So, the other option is to start with Windows version at 2.0 which is weird too. Since this is a new project our decision was to start both of them from 1.0.

Now I'd like to answer to the haters claims on MacUpdate pages for Snippets and old Snippets who says that old Snippets is abandoned software. As you can understand it's not easy and fast to create a sync service and a desktop clients. It took us almost one year to do this. The second reason is that when we began this new project I knew that the future of Snippets as a desktop application for Mac was Snippets which is the part of the new project. It was clear to me that it makes no sense to add features to the old app (at that time Snippets was already full featured stable and popular app) and it's better to release the new Snippets as early as possible. So, Snippets is in development, and we are working very actively as never before. Stay tuned.

Also to clarify possible naming issues I'd like you to call a first version of Snippets for Mac as "old Snippets" and the Snippets for Mac which is a part of the new project at is just "Snippets" or "Snippets for Mac".


  1. his is a "how to" to keep old Snippets in sync between Macs using Dropbox.
    ◦ First we make an appropriate folder on Snippets (you just need to do this on your first computer, and obviously both computers need to have Dropbox installed): mkdir -p ~/Dropbox/Library
    ◦ Then we hop into the folder just above where Snippets stores its database: cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/
    ◦ We now move your existing Snippets database onto Dropbox (again, just on the first computer): mv Snippets ~/Dropbox/Library/Snippets, OR:
    ◦ If you’re on the second computer (at work, for example), you need to remove the Snippets folder: rm -rf Snippets
    ◦ Now we link the Snippets folder to Dropbox: ln -s ~/Dropbox/Library/Snippets Snippets

    Note: if you Install Snippets for Mac (from You can't do sync using Dropbox!!!
    Note: This sync solution seems to work fine if you don't run both "old Snippets" apps at the same time.
    Note: Don't make Snippets "Open at Login" on either computer, or it will open the Snippets library before Dropbox gets a chance to sync it when you log into OS X, then save over it when you quit.

  2. 2 merenkoff: It's not necessary to make symbolik link in old Snippets. You can just hold down Option key while launching Snippets and choose database file.

  3. No, we will not support iCloud in both old Snippets and new Snippets. New Snippets supports cloud sync natively and there is a workaround for old Snippets described here

  4. Hi Vladimir

    Well done on Snippets, it looks awesome. I am very interested in using it for my team, but am not able to get a login. I have searched around for other snippet apps, but don't find their interfaces as clean as yours. Let me know if you can help.

  5. need datastore back, feature is gone with new version.

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