Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snippets 0.6 for Mac and Windows

Yesterday we released a new update of Snippets for Mac and Windows. It brings quite a few minor features, all the major changes are under the hood. It improves performance and stability of the synchronisation.

This release also switches to the new version of the sync API which was slightly changed from the previous one. If you were using the older version you should update, otherwise sync won't work.

Now that known sync issues have been fixed we are going to send invites to all who requested them. If you not received it during this day (Nov 7th) please make sure you requested one here.


  1. Thanks a lot. Synchronization works well an quite fast! Awesome.

  2. One little bug on the Mac (on Windows it works without problems):

    When I open the lock on a new snipped or wanna create new snipped, add some text and wanna lock it, the changes are not accepted by the app. But when I add some text, click on an existing snipped and went back to my snipped again and then press the lock button all changes will be stored correctly.

  3. same here, I'm paid user of snippets and still using old version due to lack of code highlighting

  4. No, code highlighting is not supported yet. This is coming soon.

  5. Hi. When will you deploy your next version?


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